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Odin Partner

With over 20 years of experience, Odin Partner is among the leaders in personnelrecruitment to shipyards and onshore industry. We have developed a wide range of manpower with our established offices in Norway and Poland.
(Stan Shipping Agency/ Offshore trainingcentre)

-  Low turnover and low level of sickleave.
-  We offer supervision and close monitoring of workers at the work place/site.
-  As a customer, you can use our internal resources to monitor personnel during projects etc.
-  As our customer, you are free from employer`s liabilities.
-  We manage employments and the subsequent paperwork with delivering the required expertise to the customer for shorter                 or longer periods.

-  The company`s safety rules must be followed at work and during the travel to and from work. Safety information is given to,        and follows employees during the entirety of their employment with Odin Partner.
-  We emphasize the importance of thinking safety throughout the work day.
-  We encourage our workers to read and learn about safety, in order to take care of their own and colleagues ”health and safety”
-  General rule: “Think before acting!”